How my dog contributed to today’s immigrant boycott

May 2, 2006 at 12:18 am (Culture, The Dogs)

For your information, I do not support the whole illegal immigrant issue. That is, that our country would come to a grinding halt if we were able to successfully enforce our immigration laws, thus sending home hundreds of thousands (millions?) of illegal residents in the USA.

However, this is about my dog. And, in the interest of serving a good friend of mine who likes poop stories, I thought I would share something I thought of today that at least *I* found humurous.

For a long time, I've guessed that my dog, Peanut (the smaller of two), is part chihuahua. He was described to me three years ago as a "Jack Russell Terrier / Mix," but it's been quite clear by his shimmy, shrill high-pitched yap, and bone dome of a head that he really is more chihuahua than JRT.

Today I made that assumption even more concrete as I walked him, watching his butt for that special moment dogs have when they must succomb to natures's forces and let out a number 2. See, I walk my dogs twice a day for that purpose alone – and they regularly donate, twice a day, to the fertilization of the apartment complex's weed strewn lawn.

However, this morning Peanut wouldn't let it go. I could see his little butt clenching and relaxing – sure signs that he is ready to. A few times he got close to a full squat but decided to give up. After 20 minutes, I decided to give up myself and go go to work.

Then again this evening the same thing occurred. Once, even, he DID squat and go to start but then decided against it! The willpower this mexican has! We walked the entire complex. We were out there for 30 minutes! My older dog who had already done his duty to nature tried several times to lie down and take a nap. All I could think was, "I'll be dammed if the chihuahua in him is doing this to spite me, the illegal immigrant oppressor!"

Finally, just as I was rounding the corner to return home, I checked my watch – 6:00pm… Peanut gave in! He stopped dead and went, right there on the lawn, right after closing time. It was as if he was punching back into his normal daily routine after a long day of slacking off of his normal lawn job.

Funny, though – life went on.


1 Comment

  1. Maria said,

    Without getting political:
    RIGHT ON!… My pequeño amigo Mejicano!!!
    Such a crowd-pleaser post… I read “poop” and was all over it.

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