The Mutts

April 22, 2006 at 2:40 am (The Dogs)

What good is having two adorable lovable furry creatures as housemates if I’m not going to show them off? I mean, if I had a hottie of a studmuffin as a roommate I’d probably show him off, right?

So here are my babes, Max (the sleeping babe) and Peanut (the freaked out looking babe).

max peanut

I got Max with my [then] live-in boyfriend (now ex) back in 1998 when we so much desired a Jack Russell Terrier (JRT). You know, like Eddie on Frasier. Max won me over at the North Texas Humane Society when I saw that he was calm and had one ear that wouldn’t fold over. The ear is still stuck up but the calm factor was apparently a facade. (We had him on doggie-prozac for a while.) Max had been named “Sinatra” by the Humane Society because they found him wandering the streets the day Frank Sinatra died. Though it was kind of a cool name we weren’t huge fans of the man so it felt weird. I told my husband, “You name him.” And, Max it was. The most popular dog name in the world – or nearly.

Peanut, was sort of like a birthday gift about two years ago (?). I forget. One morning my mom and dad came up our direction to take us out to breakfast for my birthday. The restuarant happened to be in the same strip area as a PetSmart where the local Humane Society was having an adoption day. We saw this cute itty bitty little JRT named Norman or something. We hemmed and hawed and put our name down in case he wasn’t taken later. By the time we decided to go for it, he had been adopted. However, there was another JRT mix that was currently under the care of a foster mom. We decided to take him – Peanut – for a couple weeks… you know, the “trial period.” I think though we were both unsure of him we knew that once in our house he’d remain. And, he did. The Humane Society named him Peanut apparently due to the shape of his head. It stuck.


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